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"Cracked glass only" repairs now available

We have special machinery to remove and replace just the cracked glass on your phone saving you a lot of money!

We test all our screens

We test each one of our screens prior to installation to ensure quality. All defective screens usually found before it ever reaches our customers.

1 year warranty all parts and labor!

We are extremely confident with our parts and professional work that we now offer a 1 year warrany on all our parts and labor!

Our Services

Cracked Glass only Repair

We reuse your LCD display if it is not damaged and install a brand new glass on it. This saves you a lot of money due to the high cost of a brand new LCD/digitizer display assembly.

Appointments only

Ocean iPhone Repair is a home based operation, we work by appointments only. Because we work from home we do not let clients inside for our own security protection, but most repairs take us only 10-15 minutes.

GSM Unlocking Service

We can remove your phone carrier restriction and factory unlock your GSM mobile phone to use worldwide.

Used iPhones

We buy back used iPhones! Prices vary from phone to phone depending on condition, carrier, model etc.

We also sell used iPhones. We will ad a link soon! In the meantime, contact us to inquire about our used iPhones or if you'd like to sell us your old iPhone.

Andriod Repairs

We now offer repairs on most Samsung and LG smartphones. Some parts must be special ordered but we can normally get the part in 1-3 days. A security deposit will be required for all special orders. Call or text us for more info.

We now offer aftermarket screens at a lower price

We are now offering both aftermarket screens and OEM screens.

Contact us for questions regarding aftermarket screens v.s. OEM screens.

  • Fast Service
  • Pick-up Service Now Available
  • Call or Text Us Anytime
  • Water Damage Repairs
  • 1 Year Warranty

Fast services

Most screen repairs only take us 10-15 minutes. Because Ocean iPhone Repair is a home based operation, we do not let clients inside for security reasons but most repairs done in a very short period of time.

Other repairs on your iPhone or Android device can take 30 minutes to 2 hours max, but most repairs are done same day.

Pick-up service now available

Our new pick-up service is great for the busy go-getter who simply does not have time to drop their phone off to us and wait for the repair. We are now offering pick-up service around San Francisco, Daly City and the South San Francisco area.
Depending on traffic and parking (we all know how hard parking in SF is) please expect a 2-3 hour wait from start to finish to get your device back.

A $10.00 service fee will be added to your repair price total.
If you have an area we can work at, we can repair your device on-site (depending on the type of repair) otherwise we will pick-up and drop-off after we finish the repair.

Call, text or email us anytime

Although we are only open Monday - Friday 9am-6pm feel free to call, text or email us anytime for any questions. We do work some weekends. If we cannot respond immediately for any reason, please do not get discouraged, we will respond as soon as we can.

Water/Liquid Damage Repair

Liquid damage repairs vary from phone to phone. No two liquid damaged devices will be the same, ever. Liquid damage is a very complex situation for us and we cannot ever give an exact estimate over the phone. We need to take the entire phone apart and test each part one by one and apply our liquid cleaning solution to the phone main board to remove any corrosion and mineral deposits left from the liquid damage.

The biggest myth for any liquid damage is putting your phone in rice. Drying the outside of the phone with a paper towel and powering it off immediately is the only step you should take. Please know that the highest success rates for liquid damage are those devices that can get to us within the first few hours of the initial contact with liquid, still wet. Once liquid dry's without applying a liquid cleaning solution first will leave mineral deposits on the main board (if it was affected) causing corrosion. Corrosion is really what causes your phone to break after liquid damage has occurred.

Although we do work on liquid damage devices, most times it will be for data recovery only for those who have not been able to back-up their phones data. We have seen many phones still work after a liquid damage repair but sometimes phones can still give up anywhere from a few hours to a few days or weeks after a complete liquid damage repair has been done. Electronics and liquid do not go together, period.

By purchasing our liquid damage repair you automatically agree to our terms and conditions. Liquid damaged repairs are never guaranteed. Take it from us who are experts and extremely honest about these situations. It is common though for most repair shop to charge a small diagnostics fee due to the lengthy time it takes to test and clean each component.

Liquid damage repairs start at $50.00 but can go as much as $300.00 depending on the phone model and new parts needed. Please be aware that sometimes trying to repair a liquid damaged device can lead to more issues with the phone.

Example: You dropped your phone in water a few minutes ago and from that time to the time you bring it to us your screen was still working. After we take the phone apart, apply our cleaning solution, dry off the phone and test it again, we find out the screen stopped working and we can no longer repair the phone. Situations like this are very common and we will not be held responsible for your phone not working anymore after we try our repair. Situations like these are what we consider unforeseen damages or damages that get worse after contact. There is just no way for us to predict what may come of your liquid damaged device after we try to clean it.

One year warranty all parts and labor

    What does warranty cover?

  • Warranty covers any manufacture defects on all the parts we use only.

    What does manufacture defect mean?

  • A defect in manufacturing is one that the manufacturer did not intend. The "Third Restatement of Torts" is an influential treatise on the law of product liability. It defines a manufacturing defect as occurring when "the product departs from its intended design even though all possible care was exercised in the preparation and marketing of the product."

    For instance, we replace your broken screen with a new one and within a few hours of use you notice the screen starts touching on its own (ghost touching) or the display starts flickering. These are types of defects that are covered with our 1 year limited warranty.

    If you notice your screen start to pop out of the phone frame, please contact us immIediately! This can lead to bigger problems if not corrected right away. This defect is called "screen frame delamination" and is a common problem on all iPhone screens even straight from apple but more so with third party screens. The problem is the iPhone frame design is made of very thin aluminum which is extremely easy to bend. The iPhone screen glass sits on top of the frame and when the frame bends, the glass bends with it and either breaks or trys to bend itself back to its original form causing the glass to pop off the phone frame.

    Because we now manufacture our own screens, we can target this problematic issue by implementing a harder lamination process to deflect this issue. We have not have had any delamination issues since we started manufacturing/refurbishing our own screens.

    Our warranty will not cover your free screen replacement coming off the frame if it is cracked when you bring it back to us for replacement. We will only replace your screen under our warranty agreement if it is coming apart from the frame and there are no cracks to the glass or bending of the phone frame, which can cause the screen glass to pop off the frame. Bending of the phone frame is considered physical damage which will void all warranty through us.

    Update to our warranty information addeded 11/2016

    Please note: Our warranty will not cover manufacture defects from apple devices such as the commom "touch disease" issue that is happening with some of the iphone 6 and a huge number of iPhone 6 plus phones. You can find more on the issue here: http://qz.com/798928/apple-iphone-touch-disease-lawsuit.

    The issue is caused by a faulty chip built into the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus but is more commonly seen on the 6 Plus models. The chip becomes loose internally over time or from bending of the iPhone frame causing the touch screen sensor to stop working intermittently or stop working complelty.
    Most times it is easy to determine if you have this issue by powering off the phone and powering it back up. During power-up you can see horizontal flickering lines at the very top of the screen before the phone powers up to the home screen or lock screen. If you see these flickering lines at the top of your screen then unfortunatly your "touch IC chip" has gone faulty which we will not cover under our warranty.
    If you experience this issue before or after our repair, we will not cover our screen repair under our warranty and no refunds or credit will be given. This is a problem with the way the iPhone itself was built and was not because of the phone repair done to your iPhone.

    Will I lose my warranty through Apple or my service provider if I get my phone repaired through your company?

  • Unfortunately yes.  Apple has their policy clearly written on their terms of service stating that getting your device repaired through a non authroized third party will void all warranty on your device. This is not something new, this has always been their policy.  Ocean iPhone Repair will not be held liable for your device if it becomes unrepairable or inoperable after we open your device. Ocean iPhone Repair will also not be held liable for you losing your warranty through Apple or your phone carrier after we work on your device.

    Please know and understand about your phone device manufacture warranty by either contacting them direct or researching online before contacting us for a repair. We do not verbally acknowledge policies from any phone manufacturer to our customers as we can only assume each one of our customers know about their warranty through their device manufacture before contacting us.

    It is not up to Ocean iPhone Repair to explain Apples warranty or the phone carrier warranty to our clients. Please do your research fully before contacting us for a repair. Again, Ocean iPhone Repair holds no responsibility for you losing your device manufactures warranty after getting a repair through our services. Ocean iPhone Repair warranty will only cover the parts we use. Our warranty will not cover your full device should something happen during or after our repair service.

    Does warranty cover me if I break my screen again?

  • Our warranty does not cover accidental breakage. If you did a repair with us and you broke your screen again, contact us for a discounted price. The discounted price only applies if it was our screen you cracked again. We can determine if the screen you have is ours when we open your phone to see if it is our screen or not.

    Unforeseen Damages

  • Unforeseen damages are damages that happen to the phone which we cannot see before or after a repair has been made. What this means is that on rare occation there can be a microchip or piece of hardware in the phone that may have been damaged due to a hard impact (cracked screen) or liquid damage which is not visiable to the naked eye. These types of damages require a microscope to verify the damage which we do not use for a standard phone repair.

    Here is a scenario/example of an unforeseen damage on a cracked screen repair:
    Your phone was dropped, the impact from the drop shattered the screen but the screen is still working and functional. During the impact, a microchip broke loose from the soldier joint but was not completely broken off so the phone still worked normally. You then bring the phone in for a repair and during the repair the loose chip breaks off completely from the slightest touch from our tech causing the phone to malfunction or stop working. This is a type of "unforeseen damage" in which we will not cover under our warranty.
    Customers should understand that we are only contacted to do a phone repair job which means all phones we receive are already broken. In the case of an unforeseen damage, we will not pay for or reimburse any amount for any device value.

    We will not charge our customer any fee should this happen, but the customer will end up leaving with a non-working device. We do not do micro-soldering repairs on boards.
    Although we have seen such issue only a hand full of times through the years from the thousands of phones we have repaired, we must acknowledge the fact that this issue can happen and that all our clients understand it is not something we cover through our warranty service and is the risk all clients must take when getting any device repaired from us or any other phone repair company.

    We take pride and care with all the repairs we do, but there are times we cannot finish a repair due to unrepairable damages to a device which is not one that was caused from our service or parts. If a microchip or internal component was slightly fractured due to impact and became completely broken from us opening the device, Ocean iPhone Repair wil not be liable or required to pay or reimburse our client for a new or used device as an exchange, especially if it is a component that we are not able to fix. Please read and understand our warranty information completely before bringing your device in for a repair.
    By getting your device repaired through us (Ocean iPhone Repair), you (the client) automatically agree to our warranty information and terms of service agreement.

What We Do

We fix and refurbish mobile phone screens and replace most parts on certain smart phones.

We specialize in iPhone repairs but we also repair Samsung and LG phones.

We work by appointments only and most repairs done same day.

We offer pick-up service around the Bay Area within a 3 mile radius from our location.


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Roy was so cool and professional. He fixed my home screen button for a song and I couldn't be happier.

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